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WC yeti

L'avis de de Toilet Zone

Quoi de mieux que des dessins de toilettes pour décorer vos toilettes. Voici donc 3 dessins fait par
Axel le webmaster du desormais celebre blog BD vos toilettes sont des stars. Bon déco...

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Sympa la 3!!
rainêtte10/10yipeee, très choliiiiii
yipeee, très choliiiiii
Blondy5/10Hey, that's a clever
Hey, that's a clever way of thknniig about it.
Missy5/10When the talks break
When the talks break off, CFC will go bankrupt. Mark my wo.Ssrdtu,Why would Mozillo break off the talks? or Lewis? they’re practically married to each other on this?This deal is as good as done. I saw the writing on the yestaerday. BI,Why are you so excited for? Let me guess, you have a buyer who is approved by CFC to by your overpriced POS!