Les toilettes du net



WC lunette4

L'avis de de Toilet Zone

Et voici le musée de la lunette de toilettes...

visiter ce monument de la culture
toilettes-lunette4 1toilettes-lunette4 2toilettes-lunette4 3

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Kailan5/10P.S. My neck, as you
P.S. My neck, as you might have noticed from some posts earlier this week, has also had a flareup, so sympathies. Silly autumn pruning of triyfid-hfbrid bougainvillea, why did I want to go and do that?I’m recovering without physio even though I got a referral. I’m going to get an X-ray and an assessment anyway, because it’s ages since my neck’s been looked at, and the old car crash injury has no doubt changed over the last mumble years.